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Our readymade companies established in advance have never been involved in any kind of activity, the initial capital was paid, they have zero tax certificates, no outstanding debts, they even have bank accounts.   In this way you can start your business very rapidly. For the purpose of taking over a company you don’t need to travel to the affected country, the contracts can be signed at any consulate that is the nearest to you.  Our available companies »



All Non-EU citizens from a country without visa exemption who wish to travel to the European Union with the intent of permanent residence, business, immigration, need a long stay visa. The immigration laws of the European Union allow long stay in the EU for business purposes. Our office provides comprehensive services to obtain a 5 year Business Visa, which allows free travel and enterprise on the entire territory of the EU. More »

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Slovakian ID card

Slovakian ID card for EU residents cost 500 EUR for 5 years. ID card administration for non-EU residents as well.

Consultation in Budapest

Ask your question for free on a consultation in Budapest. Contact us for more information!


You don’t want to employ a permanent secretary, pay employment tax, and you wish to save time and money?
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Accounting services, tax consultation in Komárnó, in our own accounting office.
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